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Copia Mind was created by Estefania Ospina, a digital marketer by trade, book nerd by choice. Two years ago, I delved into the world of personal finance and  as scary as it was, I slowly built systems that made me feel like I had control of my own life, was setting myself up to be able to help those around me, and realizing IT'S NOT AS HARD AS IT'S MADE OUT TO BE! 

Many of us are not equipped with a basic understanding of what our hard earned money is doing in retirement accounts when we join the workforce, how to create systems that will make our lives easier in the long run and just general personal finance knowledge and wellness without the gatekeeping intimidating jargon and processes. 

Women in particular face unique challenges as we tend to live longer, yet are 80% more likely to live in poverty in retirement, at the current rate, it would take over 100 years to close the gender gap, and the list goes on...AND YET women investors tend to achieve positive returns and outperform men by 40 basis points but we are rarely as encouraged to delve into this world although it affects EVERY decision we make and what choices we have access to. 

This is by no means meant to paint an "us" versus "them" dichotomy, but rather to acknowledge the systemic oppression women have faced for eons and the subsequent catching up we have to do with everyone's help, our own accountability, and in community. The equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974 allowed women to have credit cards on their own so it's only been 50 years since we've had the financial freedom we enjoy today and learning the hardships and opportunities that come with that freedom.

Although I am still at the beginning of my journey and learning every single day hungry for more and finding as many differing sources and voices as I can, I intend to document those learnings as accurately and honestly as I can in the hopes that it can help anyone and encourage them to start their financial wellness journey and take control of their lives. Always remember, no matter where you are or what you've been through up to this point, "a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." 

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As COPIA ramps up, would love for you to be part of the process – what do you want to learn about? What have you enjoyed reading? Let me know!

Some of our core beliefs/values:

  • Learning and knowledge are at the forefront of building a healthy relationship with money.

  • The beliefs we learned growing up don't have to define the values and behaviors we want to create as adults.

  • Intentionality is crucial to change and being intentional about the life and habits you want to create for yourself. 

  • As with most things in life, consistency is key and once you've built a solid foundation, to quote James Clear, "you don't rise to the level of our goals, you fall to the level of your systems."

  • Community is crucial – shame is a huge part of the human experience and finding safe spaces and people where you feel comfortable asking questions and being vulnerable is so important to your financial wellness journey (and life!)

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